The Pip-Boy: Deluxe Bluetooth Edition is a smartwatch to build a dream on

pip boy deluxe bluetooth edition

It’s also super-limited in quantity – only 5000 will roll off the production line – and won’t be available locally, but it’s the closest thing to a real, legit Pip-Boy you could ever buy. Except an actual, real, legit, retro-future nuclear post-apocalypse Pip-Boy, maybe, but you wouldn’t buy that, you’d probably loot it from a dead body.

Anyway, unlike the expensive plastic phone cover that shipped with special editions of Fallout 4, the $350, ThinkGeek exclusive Pip-Boy: Deluxe Bluetooth Edition features an “integrated screen and its own on-board software and hardware”, and can be paired with your phone or tablet so you can take calls, read texts, and even listen to music in authentic wasteland style. Also, “most of the knobs, dials, and buttons actually work”, so it’s totally not a toy, mom, and it has a USB-compatible holotape slot.

It’s out in November, but in the meantime, look at this thing.