kratos god of war iii

According to mystic prophecies around the internet, Sony is planning to announce a new God of War game this week. The news comes via industry insider “Shinobi602”, who has a bit of a reputation for this sort of thing and predicted in a recent episode of Video Game Sophistry that this year’s E3 will be the “big coming out party for God of War 4“. He also confirmed that franchise icon Kratos will “most likely” feature in the next sequel, but might not be the (anti-)hero of the game.

That’s more or less what we’d already expected, though, as a previous leak back in April – also by, oh look, Shinobi602 – suggested that the next God of War game would be set in the worlds of Norse mythology, not Greek. Sony’s E3 presser is scheduled for 3am tomorrow, so I guess we’ll know soon enough. STAY TUNED.

Via Gamespot.

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