trials of the blood dragon

It’s the game you never knew you’d always wanted – a mashup of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon‘s neon VHS post-apocalypse apocalypse and the Trials series’ zany bike stunt-jump misadventures.

Blood Dragon and Trials.

Trials of the Blood Dragon, get it? CLEVER.

Ubisoft announced the game at its E3 presser last night, with the bonus announcement that it was also out in 30 minutes. So, it’s out now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. It’s also got guns and grappling hooks and cyborgs and the best trailer in the history of trailers, ever.

I suck at Trials, so I’ll probably skip this one, but if Ubisoft starts mega-mixing its franchises like this, I’d totally play a Tom Clancy’s Blood Dragon Division or Prince of Blood Dragons or Assassin’s Creed: Blood Dragon. Or, you know, Blood Dragon 2. I want Blood Dragon 2 so bad.

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