And now for some non-E3 news. Legalised marijuana has been gaining more and more support across America, and several states will be voting whether or not to entirely legalise the substance. Until recently, most major companies and institutions in America have avoided tangling with the stuff, fearing the stigma that it carries. However, it was recently announced that Microsoft will be partnering with Kind to release tracking software for legalised marijuana.

Microsoft’s involvement with Kind takes some explaining, because they aren’t going to be standing on the corner promising that “this is the best stuff you’ve ever had”. Instead, the tech giant will be marketing software made by Kind to track batches of cannabis, and assist legitimate companies to legally trade.

According to a report by The New York Times, Microsoft will be offering software to American states that have legalised cannabis in one form or another. The software helps track legal growers, sellers, and financiers, and this is all done to keep these processes legal and accountable. The software is part of Microsoft’s cloud computing service Azure, particularly the package offered to government entities.

Although this news doesn’t affect South Africa (…or gaming) yet, it’s fascinating to watch the legalisation process in action. Microsoft has made history by being the first major company to take a hit from the marijuana industry, and that prestige alone should help legitimise the process.

Source: The New York Times

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