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It’s E3 time again, and myself and Matthew Fick have some thoughts on the first two conferences held earlier this week by Bethesda and Electronic Arts. Both publishers had the opportunity to make a big, lasting impression on gamers for the remainder of the year’s projects, and they largely achieved this. EA concentrated more on their current lineup than anything new and Bethesda popped out bombshell after bombshell. It was an interesting start to E3 2016, so grab some coffee and have a listen to our chat.

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Podcast Notes:

EA Segment

00:34 EA doing two conferences at once – WTF is this?

02:54 Titanfall 2 gets announced!

05:15 Challenger, Premier, Major in-game leagues, EA-hosted comps for the latter two

08:00 FIFA 17 announcement and a new story mode.

09:15 Frostbite is everywhere! Some technical implications to playing the games.

11:30 Mass Effect Andromeda teaser trailer.

12:25 EA Originals and Fe announcement.

14:50  Star Wars Episode Meh – Mehny games with no names.

17:50 Thoughts about EA not having any more new games to announce this year.

Bethesda Segment

19:25 Bethesda’s old-school intro hides an announcement for Wolfenstein: The New Colossus.

20:30 Quake Champions, comes 20 years after Quake, large emphasis on eSports and multiplayer competition.

22:05 Elder Scrolls Legends is still a thing?! There’s a story for it now if you’re one of the ten people who play it.

24:31 Fallout 4 add-ons, Nuka World, Shelter coming to PC (possible implications).

27:47 Fus ro dah! In HD with all new THINGS. Also, some Elder Scrolls Online updates.


33:29 First level of DOOM is free for a week – why isn’t this a thing permanently?

35:17 Bethesda VR and possible implications.

36:51 Dishonored Def. Edition for PS4, Xbox One, but not PC.

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