Phantom Dust remaster announced for Xbox One

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Remember Phantom Dust? Not the game that was announced at E3 2014, before being unfortunately put on hold, I mean the original 2004 Phantom Dust for the original Xbox. Well, Microsoft hopes you do, because during E3 2016 they announced a remaster of the 12-year old title for 2017.

So far, all we have is an unusual trailer revealing nothing of the gameplay or storyline. I say it’s unusual, but it really just feels like an early-2000s trailer, so they’re definitely trying to capture a feel here. Phantom Dust is a hybrid between collectible card gameplay and action, and it was quite well-received at launch.

The remaster will likely aim to rekindle interest in the brand, and it may even bring the reboot of Phantom Dust back from storage. Although, the reboot will probably need some kind of subtitle if that happens.

Phantom Dust will launch sometime in 2017, for Xbox One and Windows 10.

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