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It’s E3 time (or it was, by the time you’re listening to this podcast), and we’re summing up our thoughts about the conferences and what the various companies had to show. This episode of the E3 podcast dives into the Microsoft and PC Gamer press conferences – the former launching strongly out of the gate with a solid offering and a cohesive marketing strategy, and the latter somehow cobbling together a decent show but feeling slightly incoherent due to the nature of the PC platform offering absolutely everything you can think of. AMD also makes an appearance here, showing off their new graphics cards and their upcoming Zen processor ostensibly playing DOOM. All this, and more, after the jump.

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Podcast Notes:

Microsoft Segment

00:15 ITS BT-7274, NOT VT-7274! YESSSSSSSS!

01:00 Xbox One S announced at $299

04:45 Xbox Project Scorpio announced for holiday 2017

08:20 Xbox Design Labs makes custom controllers now

10:15 Xbox Play Anywhere for Xbox One and Windows 10

11:45 Xbox Live changes with Clubs, Arenas, Looking for Groups

13:20 Forza Horizon 3 announced for Xbox One and Windows 10

15:00 ReCore announced for 2016, new gameplay trailer

16:35 Inside, by the Limbo Guys, looks super-creepy

17:39 We Happy Few. So much want

20:02 Gwent, The Witcher Card Game for just about every platform

21:37 Tekken 7 announced for Xbox One

23:05 Dead Rising 4 looks sweet

24:04 Scalebound! Mega monsters with cool, hip, edgy protagonists

25:20 Rare’s Sea of Thieves is what I’ve always wanted in a pirate game

27:30 State of Decay 2 adds to the growing emergent zombie gameplay genre

28:25 Halo Wars makes a return! Also, sorry, we forgot to talk about Gears of War 4!

PC Gamer Show Segment

32:00 AMD reveals Polaris RX 470 and RX 460, says nothing much about either card

33:31 AMD also showed of “more” about Zen. Hey, it runs DOOM now

35:12 Dawn of War III gameplay shown

35:45 Oxygen Not Included, like Fallout Shelter but with more things to panic about

37:27 ARK: Survival Evolved gets three community-building expansions

39:35 Lawbreakers gets an alpha program, and a launch window

40:40 Vampyre, by the team who did Remember Me

41:55 Killing Floor 2 gets two expansions and a VR port!

43:19 Tyranny, by Obsidian Games, looks like a Diablo clone with an epic storyline

45:38 Observer looks great. Cyberpunk dystopian future hidden thriller in VR

47:08 The Turing Test. Like Portal, but set on another planet

48:50 Overland, basically Oregon Trail with better graphics and zombies

49:35 Warframe Luminaro is Rocket League for free, basically. Could have been Quidditch with a few changes!

51:15 Warren Spector, everybody!

52:48 Closeout and final thoughts

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