halo 5 fireteam

Halo 5 developer 343 Industries has dropped an info-bomb about the game’s Warzone Firefight update, expected to launch sometime this month, which bundles the co-op Firefight mode with a bunch of other stuff.

“This release is the biggest one yet, and we’re packing in as much as we can fit,” explains community manager Andy Dudynsky. “You’ll of course find the improved and updated Warzone Firefight PvE mode on a variety of maps, the Warzone Boss Refresh, a brand new Forge canvas as well as accompanying Forge updates, Campaign Score Attack, updates to Warzone personal scoring, Series 1 of the HCS weapon skins, new places to play in multiplayer, fixes for incorrect rank display as well as non-English languages not displaying placement matches, a couple of achievements for Score Attack as well as Warzone Firefight, new vehicles, armors, weapons, and plenty more that we’ll start to dig into today and over the next few weeks.”

Besides everything else up top, there’s also Prospect, a new Warzone map set in a mining facility on Meridian, that features multi-level opportunities for players.

“The level itself is layered with strategically-placed scaffoldings, plenty of cover, and well-worn trenches, all designed to give players on both sides of the battle more options to take the fight to their opponents, whether they are pushing the objective or holding the line at the Core,” adds Halo 5 technical writer Jeff Easterling.


Jeez, this update can’t get out soon enough. I clocked hundreds of hours punching Grunts in Halo Reach‘s Firefight mode, and the beta for Warzone Firefight was glorious.

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