No Man’s Sky developer resolves “secret stupid” legal drama with Sky TV


Trademarks are funny things. And by “funny”, I mean “much more complicated than you’d think”. Back in 2014, for example, Candy Crush Saga developer King applied to trademark the word “candy”, which had serious implications for any other company whose product marketing also includes the word “candy”, even though the word “candy” is, you know, kind of generic. You can see how this could get absurd. King eventually dumped the whole thing, but not before taking on The Banner Saga developer Stoic Studios over the use of the word “saga”. You can’t make this stuff up.

So, it’s not exactly surprising – even if it is eye-rollingly surreal – that No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has apparently been involved in a three-year dispute with UK broadcaster Sky for the rights to use the word “sky”. Because, without this sort of important litigation, gullible consumers wouldn’t know the difference between a video game and a TV channel.

The news comes via Hello Games’ boss Sean Murray, who tweeted that the “secret stupid” battle was finally won.

It’s not been revealed what the terms of the settlement are, but No Man’s Sky will still be called No Man’s Sky, so that’s nice. Not so much Microsoft’s SkyDrive, which is now called OneDrive because Sky got that one.

We are so ready for the apocalypse.