Nioh Dualwield

Wow, this one really flew under my radar. Sorry guys, despite my hopes for this one, it just kind of got lost under all the conferences and bearded Kratoses. Anyway, Koei Tecmo showed off new footage for Nioh at E3, and it has a lot of new details for the upcoming game, such as new weapons, another beta demo, and the protagonist’s voice.

In case you didn’t watch it, the trailer shows Samurai Geralt William taking on new demons and beasts. Particularly exciting to martial arts nerds (like me) are the new weapons on display, such as dual-wielded swords, and a Tanegashima rifle. Firearms may add a good deal of tactics and variety to the final game, because those old rifles were a pain to reload.

William also speaks for the first time – it’s only one line, but I’m glad that Nioh won’t star a silent protagonist. The trailer hints at the story, something about William pursuing another European to Japan, for… reasons. Perhaps more will be revealed in the next demo, launching this August.

Nioh will launch exclusively on PS4 sometime later this yea. You should check out my hands-on of the last beta for some more impressions.

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