Berserk cover

Gamers and anime/manga fans have been clamouring for a new Berserk game for some time now, and while the Dark Souls series has a few nods to the franchise, it’s never delivered on the Guts experience we wanted. Fortunately, Koei Tecmo have confirmed that a new Berserk game is on the way, and a teaser trailer with some gameplay was released.

Berserk (working title) is in development at Omega Force, the studio best known for Dynasty Warriors and Hyrule Warriors. Berserk looks to follow the same pattern, casting players as Guts as he reaps his way through armies of sword-fodder enemies. It’s far gorier than Omega’s previous games, and the music is absolutely on point by the anime’s standards. Story details are sparse, but that’s definitely Guts’ Dragonslayer sword, placing this trailer sometime after the anime. Although I would prefer a dark RPG developed by From Software, this one looks like it will do the trick.

Berserk is launching for Steam, PS4, and even the PS Vita. We currently don’t have a release date, but the trailer does say “coming soon”. The official website is up too, but it doesn’t have any more details yet.

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