Overwatch’s Torbjorn getting nerfed, but only on consoles


In a post on Overwatch‘s Reddit thread it was announced that Torbjörn, the turret-building dwarf, will be subject to a hefty nerf. This comes after complaints from whiny babies who can’t git gud members of the console community who were suffering from his diminutive reign of terror. Hit the jump for more.

According to a post by Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan, director of Overwatch, damage from Torbjörn’s turrets will be reduced by a hefty 30%. This only affects PS4 and Xbox One gamers, and the PC version will stay unchanged. An obvious reason for this is that console gamers may have less accuracy with their controllers, and are not able to react to the turrets fast enough.

According to the post, the patch should hit sometime in mid to late July, but you’ll know it’s active when people stop raging at that one Torbjörn player.

Source: Reddit.