resident evil 7

The recently-announced Resident Evil 7: Biohazard may or may not include the series’ otherwise regular they’re-not-zombies-they’re-bioweapons, it’s also definitely not Paranormal Activity: The Game. Even if it looks like it. And, I mean, it does sort of look like it – the “Beginning Hour” demo even has a ghost in it. But it’s not a ghost game.

This is where the shrieking, dead twins jump scare would be if it was a ghost game. But it isn’t.

“I’ve seen from initial reactions of what we’ve put out that people are getting the impression that we’ve taken Resident Evil and turned it into some sort of supernatural, occult, ghost story. I think you can look at the trailer or the demo and get that impression, but don’t worry, we haven’t just thrown out Resident Evil as it exists and turned it into a ghost story,” game director Kōshi Nakanishi explains in a Capcom Unity blog post. “It will all make sense in the end. I know it’s frustrating holding back on what we can show fans, but this is really the best way to let you enjoy the game to the fullest when it finally comes out.”

We already know that Resident Evil 7 takes place in and around a dilapidated, abandoned plantation manor somewhere in rural America – a location that would otherwise be totally haunted, if this was a ghost game, except it’s not – but the developers aren’t telling much more about it for the moment, only that you’re “an ordinary person stuck in an extraordinary situation” and that the game is “a sequel to the existing mainline series titles”.

… And if, in the end, it turns out everybody was dead the whole time, and it was a ghost game, I called it.

Resident Evil 7 is out on PS4 (and PlayStation VR), Xbox One, and PC on 24 January 2017.

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