Uncharted 4 is getting its first multiplayer DLC drop and update this week


Naughty Dog has announced that the first of its planned Uncharted 4 multiplayer DLC add-ons – which includes a free map, hooray – will launch on Wednesday 29 July, plus an update that also features “the most requested new feature by our community”. Ooh, what is it? They’re not telling.

“We’re all excited about this release because not only does it include a lot of great content – like our first free map (!!!) – but it includes updates to Multiplayer that many of you have been asking for,” promises studio communications guy Arne Meyer. “We’re just scratching the surface by saying it includes new guns, new boosters, new taunts, new skins, custom matches, custom loadout names, a revamp to Ranked Team Deathmatch, and more! There’s one in particular we won’t reveal here, but you can probably guess what it is if you’ve been tracking what is likely the most requested new feature by our community.”

Owners of the Uncharted 4 Triple Pack season pass will also get some bonus thingies, including a long gun, booster, skin, hat, and taunt for maximum gloating privileges.

In the meantime, Naughty Dog is showing off the new map and updates in a Twitch livestream tomorrow night and Thursday, so get in to find out more.