COD Blops 3 dlc

Remember when Call of Duty was a gritty, semi-realistic, war-time shooter? Yeah, me neither. It probably started in World at War with the awesome addition of Nazi Zombies, and since then the series has ventured more and more into Wish Fulfillment Town. The next DLC for Black Ops III satisfies two wishes: it takes players back to World War II Stalingrad, and it has a dragon in it.

Despite bearing the generic title of Descent, the DLC looks quite exciting. The trailer above highlights the new Zombies map Gorod Krovi, an alternate-reality Stalingrad besieged by mechanised zombies and fire-breathing dragons. It also features the long-awaited return of World War II firearms, such as the Russian PPSh-41 (known in the community as the “holy shit this thing packs 71 rounds”).

If dragons aren’t your thing (you monster), the DLC also includes four new multiplayer maps. These take players to cryogenic labs, Viking settlements and robot fighting arenas.

Descent arrives first on PS4 on July 12, and for PC and XBO at a later date.

Source: Black Ops III official website

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