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Oh, you think you’re good at Overwatch? PROVE IT, PUKES. Blizzard has launched the new srs-bizniz Competitive Play mode on PC, with a subsequent release on Xbox One and PS4 “arriving soon”. Players who complete 10 placement matches during the season will blag a special icon and spray, and can also swap their in-game Competitive Points cash-loots for shiny gold weapon skins. Get yo’ bling on.

Competitive Play is available to players at level 25 and up, and features different rules to the standard Quick Play and Weekly Brawl modes:

  • Control Maps
    Control maps are played in a best-of-five format rather than a three-round system. The first team to score three points wins.
  • Escort and Hybrid maps
    Teams are awarded one point any time a capture point is taken or a payload reaches a checkpoint. Both teams play one round on offense and one on defense, and the team with the most points after both rounds wins. If the game ends in a tie and neither team has delivered the payload to its final destination, the team that pushed the payload further will be the winner. On King’s Row, Numbani, or Hollywood, if neither team takes the first point, or the final score is tied, the match enters sudden death. This will change for the Fall 2016 season, switching to the Assault rules described below.
  • Assault maps
    Each team plays one round on offense, and the team with the most points after both rounds wins – but if the first team fails to capture a point, the match ends as soon as the second team captures the first objective. If the score is tied after the first two rounds, each team plays a second round on offense, but only have the time that was remaining on the clock at the end of their previous offensive round. If either team had fewer than two minutes left on the clock during their previous round, their time is increased to two minutes – but won’t get another offensive round no matter what. When either team runs out of time, the team with the higher score wins the match. If both teams are tied with no time remaining, the match enters sudden death.
  • Sudden Death
    In sudden death, the game randomly places one team on offense and the other on defense. Teams then play a single, abbreviated round. If the attackers capture the first objective before time runs out, they win the match. Otherwise, the defenders are awarded the victory. This system will only be active for the Summer 2016 season, though.

You can play solo or as part of a team, and winning or losing matches, plus your own performance in those matches, calculates a skill rating between 1 and 100, which in turn determines your matchmaking pool.

The PC update also bundles some fixes and tweaks, including the removal of the oops-it-didn’t-work-as-expected “Avoid this Player” UI option.

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