Halo: Combat Evolved total conversion mod Halo: SPV3 out now on PC


Just in time for maximum nostalgia, community modders have launched a total conversion mod for Halo: Combat Evolved on PC that includes the first five missions of the game, adds new weapons, new enemies, new vehicles, and even new music, and supports an Xbox One controller. Halo: SPV3 (“Single Player Version 3”) is the third iteration of the mod, and has been 10 years in the making by CMT, an international team of Halo fans (including two South Africans, kiff!).

“The project was started because I was very underwhelmed and upset that every game that came after [the first] Halo seemed to not resemble the things I liked about it. I felt while the games expanded features, scope, and things to do, none of it was executed quite as well as the original,” project lead Masterz1337 told us. “The more and more we were able to mod the game as more and more advancements were able to be made, the more ambitious the project became in showing how we’d want a Halo sequel to play. ”

You’ll need an original Halo: Combat Evolved CD key to play it, plus CMT’s Halo: Custom Edition download pack. The project is obviously ongoing, but I think CMT can probably drop The Library mission. Nobody needs to play that, ever.

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