Giblets: Night Dive Studio in talks with Sony to bring System Shock to PS4

system shock

Look at you, backer. Less than a week in, and the System Shock Kickstarter campaign has already banked two thirds of the $900,000 development cash required to bring the game to PC and Xbox One. In a gushing update last night, company boss Stephen Kick dropped the news that they “have started discussions with Sony regarding a PS4 release – at this stage we can’t confirm System Shock on PS4, but we will follow up with an announcement in the near future with more details”.

The team is also planning to launch an update for the demo that’s out now on PC that “will fix various issues and bugs you’ve encountered while adding in a few additional features for you to experiment with”.

The System Shock reboot is “complete remake of the genre defining classic from 1994”, and features updated visuals, music, controls and UI, and even new voice work by original SHODAN, Terri Brosius.

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