Run for your liiiiives, the Iron Maiden mobile game is out

iron maiden legacy of the beast

SCREAM FOR ME, NAG READERS! SCREAM FOR MEEEEE! Are you ready to play with madness? To die with your boots on? To tame a land? Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast is a free-to-play RPG-’em-up and it’s out now.

The game stars you as the band’s rotting mascot Eddie as he looks for pieces of his mind somewhere in time and amasses an army of troopers to take out the nefarious Agents of Control, including the Beast himself. Woe to you. Okay, I’ll stop with the awkward references now.

Obviously the game also features music from Iron Maiden’s classic back catalogue, plus some previously unreleased live stuff.

“We’ve always wanted to make a quality Maiden mobile game as we think the combination of Eddie and the music is so well suited and it’s a great way to get our music out to a new audience. When the opportunity arose to make a mobile game which our fans, along with hopefully a lot of the gaming community, can play pretty well anywhere in the world, and download for free at that, we jumped at it,” sez band bassist Steve Harris. “The whole band visited Roadhouse while touring through Vancouver back in April and we were so impressed by the creativity, enthusiasm and passion of the team there. Visually, the worlds and character designs do us proud and the music just ties it all together.”

Grab it on iOS or Android. Up the Irons!

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