Fallout Shelter releases on PC this week, adds a bunch of stuff


I played Fallout Shelter for about two weeks. It was addictive, fun, and seriously time-consuming. One day, I impulsively decided to uninstall it. It was a good decision. Productivity shot up, anxiety levels dropped, and pooping became much less stressful.

But now it looks like it’s back to the vault, as Fallout Shelter will finally become available on PC, along with a MAJOR update this week.

According to two tweets from the official Fallout account, the PC version of Fallout Shelter will be available for download on Thursday 14 July. They also confirm that the long-awaited update 1.6 will release on the same day. The update is touted as the biggest one yet and promises new quests, new locations, new things to kill and new characters to populate your vault. I’m still waiting for Nick Valentine (unless he’s actually the mysterious stranger… but probably not).

The update will also include a new combat system which is yet to be detailed. It hasn’t been made clear whether the PC version of the game will be wholly similar to the mobile version, especially in regards to microtransactions.

Source: Twitter