How popular is Pokémon Go?

Go cover

The world’s infatuated with Pokémon Go. There’s been so much Pokémon-related news that it makes me think we’re in the early 2000s all over again (South Africa was late to the PokéParty), and it’s amazing seeing millions of people rediscover their love for the franchise.

But really, how popular is it? Is it more popular than Twitter? How about Donald Trump? These are questions I’ve asked myself, so I turned to Google Trends for the answers.

Google Trends provides search data. You punch in search terms and it generates graphs showing interest over time. Supplying multiple terms allows you to compare the search interest of those terms and determine which is the most popular. Similar Web has published similar stats showing Pokémon Go‘s popularity, but there are other comparisons I want to make using Trends. I compared the search interest over the last 90 days, because Pokémon Go has only recently achieved dominance.

Tinder vs. Pokémon Go

Tinder Pokemon

Well there’s your proof: catching ’em all is more popular than casual dating. I’ve seen the memes about Go players having no love life, but you can’t argue with THE FACTS.

Twitter vs. Pokémon Go

Twitter Pokemon

Although the little blue bird wins in the “average searches” category, Go is staggeringly more popular at the moment. If Twitter encouraged players to tweet their captures, then maybe these results would be different.

 Religion vs. Pokémon Go

Pokemon Religion

For this search I went with what Google told me are the four most popular religions in the world. No big shockers here, Go is more popular than all of them. Praise be to Arceus.

Donald Trump vs. Pokémon Go

Trump Pokemon

North America is preparing to vote for its next president, and businessman / lizard person Donald Trump is garnering more and more support. For this search, I checked both “Donald Trump” and “Donald Trump presidential campaign 2016”. Fortunately, he’s not running against Generation 1.

Pokémon vs. Pokémon Go

Pokemon vs go

Pokémon Go is more popular than Pokémon. At this rate, Pokémon Go might be the most popular thing ever…

Porn vs. Pokémon Go

Porn pokemon

Nope, it isn’t. As usual, porn wins again. However, it only wins by a surprisingly narrow margin, and it looks like Pokémon Go might match or outdo the ruling King of the Internet.

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