Gonna catch ’em all with PokéMapper


I can’t pretend to know what’s going on with Pokémon Go because I never leave the house, but apparently it’s kind of a big deal or something. My social media feeds are crammed with photos and videos of friends tripping around suburban parks in the middle of the night, dodging murderers and digging for Jigglychubats. I think that’s a Pokémon. Am I cool now? I’m cool now.

Anyway, Openride has launched PokéMapper, a global tracking tool that shows Pokémon Go finds near you, and that you can add your own finds to through Facebook. South Africa is a bit empty at the moment, but parts of Joburg and Cape Town are getting busy, and it’s even got some sightings listed in Port Elizabeth. I didn’t realise people actually live there.

The developers told VG247 that, as more and more people are using PokéMapper, they’ve discovered that certain types of Pokémon appear in much bigger numbers in some parts of the world than others – maybe it’s something in the water supply or the local cuisine or prevailing sociopolitical trends. Or whatever. “We hope that more and more users start opening up their data, so we can all more easily find whichever Pokémon is missing from our collection,” they added.

According to the map, somebody near me found a Meowth this morning. That’s the cat one, isn’t it? Maybe I need to start playing.