tekken 7


… Is that even a Tekken thing? I don’t know, I don’t play fighting games because I can’t remember combos, but enthusiasm totally counts. Anyway, Namco Bandai Bandai Namco has added two new characters to the Tekken 7 lineup – freestyle karate kid Bob and robo she-ninja Master Raven.

FWD-FWD-PUNCH the jump for the trailers.

“Introduced in Tekken 6, Bob (full name: Robert Richards) is an American fighter that practices freestyle karate as his chosen fighting style,” according to the press stuff. “Possessing great strength, uncanny speed, and a wide range of attacks, Bob is one of the most well rounded fighters in the Tekken series.”

“The original Raven made his debut in Tekken 5 with origins that are still murky today. Now Master Raven enters the fight in Tekken 7, executing her ninjutsu fighting skills with exceptional power and precision. Master Raven has no problem tearing her opponents apart in The King of Iron Fist Tournament.”

Game’s out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One next year.

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