Giblets: Nintendo’s adorable little NES Classic won’t get any more games

Nintendo NES-Classic

Nintendo’s NES home console was probably one of its most memorable, and to this day some gamers still make a huge effort to recapture that feeling when they first powered on the system and played games on it in their youth by building their own replicas. Nintendo’s offering of its take on the retro NES love with the NES Classic is a great move, and with a $60 price tag it will literally fly off the shelves. However, there’a a catch – the system can’t be updated with new games. There’s no SD card slot or service port exposed to take advantage of, and Nintendo stores all games locally and provides save locations for them, but there’s no way to back those up or to transfer them.

Nintendo clearly intends on making mini versions of its other consoles, and selling them with games as a standalone package. It’s a bit weird in the information age where we expect firmware updates and DLC, but that’s the whole point of retro gaming. However, this isn’t the end for the NES Classic – once enthusiasts get to taking it apart, they’ll probably start by trying to find a service port to hack into the device. There already is a USB port at the rear which is apparently for power. If you can slap a USB drive in there somehow with literally every NES game known to man, that would be amazing.

Source: Techspot

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