Hitman busey cover

It’s not April, so I guess this is real. A little while back, IO Interactive ran a campaign to vote for a celebrity target to join Hitman. This led to a competition between Gary Cole and Gary Busey. Busey “won”, and his in-game avatar will be murderable (totally a real word) in the game soon.

According to an update on the Hitman site, Busey will be part of the seventh Elusive Target pack as “The Wildcard”. Players can “make it look like he tripped with scissors” from July 21st, but he will only be a target for a week. I never thought I would get to type this, but you’re going to have to be quick about killing Gary Busey.

If your day doesn’t have enough crazy, here’s a video of Busey campaigning for votes.

Hitman is available on PC, PS4 and XBO. Check out our review by Matthew Vice for more.

Source: Hitman website

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