Because “GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL!” is exactly what you want to hear from a prospective partner. But, okay. This was probably inevitable. Find hot singles in your area also looking for hot Pokémon in your area? I suppose it makes a crazy sort of sense. I can… Diglett. Get it? Like “dig it” but “Diglett” because Diglett is a Pokémon. I’m cool, I’m trendy, and I’m already married. Sorry, guys.

Launching in the US today as a new venture by existing dating service Project Fixup, PokéDates is basically a custom matchmaking service for Pokémon Go players. The big idea is to sign up, answer some questions about yourself and what sort of “PokéMate” (really) you’re looking for, and share your Pokémon Go schedule. The team at PokéDates will find somebody for you and, for $20, arrange a time and place so you can both meet up and spend the next two hours looking at your phones. Just like a real date.


“Project Fixup is known for creating tailored dates that enable people with similar interests to do something fun together in the real world”, said Project Fixup boss Sarah Press. “As soon as Pokémon Go launched, we knew it was a perfect fit for our users; Pokémon Go enthusiasts and new members alike.”

Via CBS8.

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