Life is Strange: Episode One now free

Life is strange cover

Dontnod Entertainment has an interesting track record. Their debut was a mostly forgettable action game, while their second title was the multi award-winning episodic adventure Life is Strange. In case you haven’t tried Life is Strange, the first episode is now free to play.

The above trailer shows off some scenes from the first episode, to the tune of quite a beautiful song. Life is Strange casts players as Max, a teenager who discovers she has the power to control time and investigates the disappearance of a fellow student. It made a big splash at launch, and grew hugely popular on YouTube and online forums where fan theories were discussed.

Life is Strange: Episode One can be yours on 360PS3, PS4 and XBO. PC versions via Steam and the Square Enix Online Store are mentioned, but those store pages haven’t been updated at time of writing.

Source: Dontnod Entertainment

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