Fallout 4: Vault-Tec Workshop DLC adding quests

Vault tec cover

Fallout 4‘s DLC pack Vault-Tec Workshop will feature a first for the crafting-themed packs: quests. Usually the DLC that deals with settlement building hasn’t included new missions, focusing instead on giving players more components to build their ideal settlement. A post on Bethesda’s blog sheds some light on what players can expect to do in-between customising their settlements.

Once players have Vault-Tec Workshop installed and reach level 20, they’ll receive a distress call from Vault 88. After dealing with some hostiles you’ll meet the Vault’s Overseer, who’s been waiting over 200 years for the shelter to be finished.

From there, players construct their Vault using all-new items, interview and add candidates to the Vault, and conduct sinister perfectly reasonable experiments on them for your sick and twisted aims science. Completed experiments add new items to your crafting menu, and these have effects depending on the experiments you’ve conducted. The blog post also mentions that the Vault will come with enough resources for building, which reduces the drudgery of scavenging for steel and copper. Furthermore, all of the Vault-related items can be built in any other settlement, allowing you to turn Sanctuary into even more of an impenetrable fortress.

Vault-Tec Workshop launches on 26 July for PC, PS4 and XBO.

Source: Bethesda blog