How popular is Pokémon Go: part 2

Go cover

Pokémon Go fever is still gripping the world, and more and more countries are getting hooked on the game. Japan issued public safety warnings and the game already has a healthy following here, despite not having been officially released. A little while ago I compared Pokémon Go to a bunch of other popular Google searches to demonstrate exactly how popular it is. Let’s revisit that.

To do this, I’m once again using Google Trends for data. This time I’m comparing the search terms across a 30-day period, instead of 90 days. This better encapsulates the game’s launch window.

Porn vs. Pokémon Go, rematch

Go vs Porn round 2

And there it is! Pokémon Go has defeated the ruling king of the Internet. Somebody call the folks behind Avenue Q, they’ve got some lyrics to change.

Cats vs. Pokémon Go

Go vs Cat

People love cats. Anything on the Internet featuring cats is almost guaranteed to succeed. It looks like people prefer virtual pets to real ones, as Pokémon Go wins again.

Brexit vs. Pokémon Go

Go vs Brexit

Britain recently left the European Union, which turned out to be a really big deal. At least, it was a big deal to politicians, business people and analysts. Everyone else was looking for a Scyther.

Go Royal Rumble

Go royal rumble

There are other games out there that include the word “go” in their title. Counter-Strike: GO, Hitman Go and Go (a Chinese board game), for example. Perhaps if they featured augmented reality and collectable monsters they would fare better.

The results seem pretty conclusive: Pokémon Go is the most popular thing on the Internet. But I did some digging, and I found something bigger than Go…

Google vs. Pokémon Go

Go vs Google

More people Google “Google” than Pokémon Go. Maybe there’s a trend here. Maybe all search engines are more popular than Pokémon Go?

Bing vs. Pokémon Go

Go vs Bing


There’s a new version of DOSBox in the works