This cheeky scamp is now South Africa’s youngest eSports athlete

tshedza masheleni

WOOK AT DAT WIDDLE FACE. But don’t be fooled by the twinkle in his eye and the baby teeth. This is the face of a hardcore Street Fighter V button brawler. The hardest corest. At six years old, Tshedza Masheleni, is now the country’s youngest eSports athlete after taking home the bronze medal for third place in the Primary School division of the MSSA’s Free State Provincial Championships in Sasolburg last month. FWD-FWD-HIGH-FIVE.

“Mind Sports South Africa pride itself by being all inclusive when it comes to development. Being able to add value to the building blocks of a person, putting a smile of pride on someone’s face, giving hope, creating purpose and making a difference in a person’s life irrespective of age, gender or race makes it all worth the while,” said MSSA boss Colin Webster.

“It all comes down to make an individual feel like a person who can be part of a living structure. Through the investment of Mind Sports South Africa, Tshedza Masheleni may become one of South Africa’s brightest minds and biggest stars in the next decade or two. We at MSSA are passionate about being agents of positive change.”

Re a o lebohela, Tshedza.


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