No Man’s Sky delayed on PC

No mans sky


Neon emergency lights flash on the deck’s launch grid as the diagnostic scanners are deployed.

“Bridge to Hangar Bay 5.”

It’s the Captain. She’s pissed. She’s always pissed these days. Ever since that botched deal with the Skavii on Varda Prime IV when Hyden got shot. Cam wonders – not for the first time – whether there was something going on between the Captain and Hyden. It doesn’t matter now, he supposes. Hyden’s dead. The mission must go on without him.

“Captain, we’ve got a problem.”

“Don’t tell me we’ve got a problem. Tell me we’ve got a solution.”

Cam closes his eyes for a moment. Takes a breath. Scratches the non-regulation four days of stubble on his cheeks. Nobody cares much about the uniform codes anymore.

“The nutronium hyperdrive is busted. The quantum supercapacitor is out. The thing that goes BEEP won’t disengage.”

“How long until we get it fixed?”

So she’s pissed and impatient. Just like that time in Xergon. And everybody knows how that turned out.

“Five days, Captain.”

“Do it in three.”


This is insane. Does engineering even have a backup power cell? The last time they’d docked at Freeport, supplies had been almost entirely depleted already. Everything shipped off to the war, or boosted by pirates and smugglers.


“Aye, Captain.”

Cam pops a caffeine pill out from the dispenser next to his seat. No time to sleep.

So. Uh. No Man’s Sky has been pushed back three days on PC. It’s out on 12 August instead. For now, the PS4 release is still on schedule for 9 August, though.