Overwatch cover

The latest update to Blizzard’s insanely popular multiplayer shooter Overwatch has gone live on PC, and it brings changes to gruff gunslinger McCree and newly-added Ana.

The patch applies a few tweaks to Ana, the healing sniper / secret troll. Blizzard has beefed her up, increasing her magazine capacity from eight to ten and boosting her rate of fire by 20%. At time of writing, they haven’t addressed Ana’s Quick Play trolling.

As for McCree, his “damage falloff range” has been reduced by ten metres, which apparently means he is less effective at longer ranges. However, his alternate fire is now 15% faster, and he can fire sooner after throwing a flashbang.

The update is currently live for PC. Console players can expect it in the near future as part of a larger patch. In case you’re still on the fence, Overwatch is brilliant, and you should read Tarryn gushing over it in her review.

Source: Battle.net

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