Local developers RetroEpic join sustainability initiative

RetroEpic team

Capetown-based [Well. Capetown it is then. No, I’m not fixing that. Straight to the corner with you, to think about what you’ve done. – Ed.] game development studio RetroEpic Software has been selected to participate in the #cocreate2Accelerate challenge. It aims to foster collaboration between five local companies and Dutch entrepreneurs to help achieve their potential and create a sustainable, innovative future.

RetroEpic Software is one of five South African technology companies in the challenge, the others including Sea Monster, Polymorph, and GreenFingers Mobile. The fifth participant has not yet been announced. From 10 to 20 August, they will be joined by renowned Dutch entrepreneur Esther Jacobs, famous for raising $25 million through her Coins for Care charity campaign. You can read more about Esther on her website.

The intention is to nurture relationships between South African and Dutch companies, ensuring that local start-ups have the assistance needed to grow and succeed. Hats off to the team at RetroEpic, and best of luck for the challenge ahead. You can check out cocreateSA’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts to learn more.

Source: RetroEpic Software

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