Overwatch’s new hero has secret troll powers

overwatch ana

Okay, so this is how it works. New Overwatch support sniper Ana can fire a sleep dart that knocks out an enemy player for 5.5 seconds. Now, hypothetically, if three Anas were in play, they could team up to knock out an enemy player for a total of 16.5 seconds. The cooldown on the sleep dart is 12 seconds, so with some clever coordination, those three Anas could keep an enemy player knocked out indefinitely.

“But Tarryn,” you’re thinking. “That player would be kicked out of the game for inactivity.”

That’s the secret troll power part.

YouTuber Youmuus demonstrates.

As he also points out, this strategy isn’t possible in the game’s ranked Competitive mode, which prohibits double-ups in the character roster. Even in Quick Play, this sort of thing would be super difficult to actually do in the middle of an real match where other players are in the mix. But the theory is legit, and it’s hilarious.

No doubt Blizzard will nuke this out in a future update, but in the meantime, I’m not going to suggest anybody try this because that would be irresponsible and bad manners and unsporting. But maybe you should.

Via Rock Paper Shotgun.

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