These are your PlayStation Plus games for August

Rebel galaxy cover

The next wave of games free to PlayStation Plus subscribers has been announced, and it features a mixed bag of genres. We’ve got competitive physics-based puzzlers, space trucking, and the sheer Japanese bizarreness of Yakuza 5.

The headlining games for PS4 are Tricky Towers, a competitive game of Tetris-like tower building, and Rebel Galaxya space sim that’s practically an action RPG.

If you missed out on it last time, Yakuza 5 will be free for PS3 this August. It puts you in the shoes of several yakuza members to experience a tale of Japanese melodrama and martial arts. Also available is Retro/Grade, an innovative rhythm game playable with a guitar peripheral. Vita owners get Patapon 3, and all three systems are getting Ultratron, a twin-stick arcade shooter.

If you’re not a member of PS Plus, you can check out the service here.

Source: PlayStation blog

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