Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile

So if you’re still eager to get your hands on Windows 10, there’s still a window of opportunity available to do so. Although the free upgrade period is now over and you can no longer receive a Windows 10 license through the upgrade process, you can still do it if you use what Microsoft calls “assistive technologies“, which as it turns out is a broad set of things that Windows offers to users who have hearing, visual, or other physical difficulties that impairs their ability to use the operating system. That includes, somehow, stuff like the sticky key functionality, as well as keyboard shortcuts like CTRL+C, or WIN+X.

So, in essence, if you’ve ever tapped the shift key five times in rapid succession in Windows 7 or 8.1, then you’ve used an assistive technology (I do it on every new install to bring up the menu to turn the hotkey off). While it’s possible that Microsoft will eventually close down this offer as well, they’re unlikely to – Windows 10 has seen unbelievable adoption rates in the past year, and it’s one of the company’s best operating systems in recent memory (though still not on the same tier as Windows 7).

Start your upgrade here: Windows 10 Accessibility Upgrade

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