The new Xbox One update is rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ out now

xbox one update

And that’s why my internet is so slow this morning. Monday Mysteries with Detective Tarryn, SOLVED. And it’s not even noon. Much better than that time I woke up in an abandoned doll factory with my kidneys removed, but let’s not talk about that.

The latest Xbox One system update adds Cortana (although that’s officially only supported in the US and UK, and probably not South Africa, boo), plus the new “Background Music” feature so you can stream your own music while you’re playing games. There’s also now a hub for the most-played Windows 10 PC games, a “Facebook Friend Finder”, and some improvements to screenshot, video, and other content sharing. More stuff over here.

Oddworld Soulstorm Abe
Abe is out of the meat grinder and into something much worse in this Oddworld: Soulstorm teaser