Nobody gets out alive in Silent Hill: Betrayal, a novel by local indie writer Shaun Jooste

silent hill

Actually, maybe they do. I don’t know. I haven’t read it. The book’s not even finished yet. But Shaun told us that “the town will not rest until restitution has been claimed” from its cast of, uh, not exactly virtuous characters, and in Silent Hill, the wages of sin are usually paid out in blood. And shrieks. And ragged bits of flesh arranged in subtly erotic dioramas.

“I’ve been playing Silent Hill since the very first one came out on the Playstation 1,” says Shaun. “I’ve basically lived and breathed Silent Hill, and I would move there in reality if it really existed.”

killer-820017_19201I bet he wouldn’t, actually, but it’s not like the people who go there have much choice about it, anyway. In Silent Hill: Betrayal, Shaun’s original novel based on the games, and the first of a planned series of five, the protagonists find themselves in America’s #1 Voted Worst Municipality Since 1999! after a car accident in the middle of a high-speed police chase. There’s Trevor, who was cheating on his wife, Caroline. So she killed herself. Then there’s Kathy, that’s Trevor’s mistress, and Jay, his cop buddy, and something about Caroline’s brother Bishop, who died under… questionable circumstances.

And Pyramid Head. Obviously.

“There is a mix of the old with the new, as I felt some form of the story needs to be kept consistent with the games. Various easter eggs in the novel relate to certain aspects in many of the games. Pyramid Head is retained as a ‘guardian’ in the first novel, the reason for which will be revealed in the book,” Shaun explains. “However, all the monsters are new, relating to each of the side characters in the story. The locations are ones we are familiar with, with subtle changes relating to the story. There is one brand new location that I have created. Also expect some of the norm, such as the Fog World and Otherworld, and a whole host of weapons to enable the characters to survive.”

And die. Because you know somebody is going to die.

The book’s out in November (or “sooner at the rate things are progressing”), but in the meantime, you can keep up with things on Shaun’s blog.

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