WIN: a 6TB WD Black hard drive


Hard drives. What are they exactly? Scientists have long studied these naturally occurring phenomenons, hoping to decipher just what it is that makes these wonders of magnets and platters and… whatever the hell else lives in a hard drive tick. What’s that noise they sometimes make? Is bigger automatically better? Is it true that pigeons sometimes nest in hard drives, but only non-faulty ones? And on that note, is a hard drive in the hand really worth two in the bush?

Perhaps the answers to all these important questions lie with you. If you’re lucky enough to best this competition in a game of chance, then you’ll have a brand-new hard drive of your very own to dissect and prod and probe, hoping to learn its secrets.


Right, so! The fine folks at WD have very kindly provided us with one of their excellent WD Black Series HDDs, boasting 6TB of storage space and many fancy features which you can read more about here. We’re offering one lucky reader the chance to win it.

Would you like to win such a thing? Of course you would. All you’ve got to do to throw your name in our Hat o’ Randomisation is leave a comment below. We’ll draw a winner from it next Friday, otherwise known as 12 August.

Oh, and despite that ridiculous introductory paragraph, please don’t dissect, prod and probe the thing if you do win it. That’d be bad.

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