Doom: Unto the Evil DLC available right now, with sweet new trailer

Doom MDLC the harvester

That sneaky bunch over at Bethesda have gone and released Unto the EvilDoom‘s first paid DLC, one day early. They’ve also released a trailer for the new multiplayer content.

Unto the Evil was slated for release later today, but it seems Bethesda couldn’t wait any longer and launched the DLC at QuakeCon yesterday. The add-on includes new maps, a new demon dubbed The Harvester, a robotic armour set, shiny new hack modules, a new weapon, more taunts and additional equipment.

All this new stuff comes at a price, and that price is R256. Or you could spring for the season pass which will cost you R699. Doom (minus the DLC and season pass) is currently 50% off on Steam and will set you back R399. You’ll have to act fast though, as the deal ends on 8 August.

Bethesda also announced the commencement of yet another double XP weekend to coincide with the launch. It’ll end on 8 August. Still no word on any single-player DLC, unfortunately.

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