Quake Champions gameplay trailer unleashed, is everything you hoped it would be

QC debut gameplay

We first got a glimpse of Quake Champions during Bethesda’s E3 conference in the form of a pretty kick-ass reveal trailer, but it only showed off some cinematic battles and a few of the game’s characters. That’s all well and good, but what we’ve really been waiting for is some actual gameplay footage. Which is exactly what Bethesda’s graced us with now. It’s looking friggin’ EPIC. Rocket your way over the jump, and bring a fresh pair of undies. You’re going to need it.

The trailer is stuffed with things that should excite Quake fans. It shows off some of the maps and weapons, as well as gives us a better look at how some of the characters will play.

“You’ll have an arsenal of powerful and unique weapons, each of which will feel familiar to long-time Quake players,” reads the video’s description. The description also reveals that Quake Champions will have no load-outs and that players can carry as many weapons as they’d like.

Quake Champions will be PC exclusive (hit this link to find out why), and will enter closed beta sometime in 2017.

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