Report: Sony may announce new hardware on 7 September


It appears that several publications on this thing we call the electric internet have received invitations to attend a PlayStation-themed event in New York city, U.S. on 7 September 2016. Reports about these invitations first surfaced on France-based gaming news site Gameblog, who revealed that sources close to them disclosed the date along with some hints that it could be NEO-related. Other sites have since picked up the news and reported the same story disclosed by their own sources, and it almost seems certain that we’re going to be seeing new details about Sony’s update to the PlayStation 4 very soon.

Sony has confirmed that the event will be live streamed and it seems to be separate from the company’s annual PlayStation Experience events. The announcement comes just in time for the October launch of the PlayStation VR headset, and seems to also be right in line with initial expectations for the PS4 NEO’s launch, which was hinted at in slides shown to developers early this year. Hit the jump for the nerdy part of this announcement.

There’s almost certainly going to be something to do with high dynamic range monitors, judging by the teaser Sony released to the public (pictured above). It appears that someone working in Sony’s PR department is quite the scientist, or at least has a basic understanding of how light works.

The coloured bar in the picture is actually a representation of the visible spectrum of light that we humans can see. The bars inserted into it are called absorption lines or spectra, which indicate the wavelengths of light reflected by various elements in the visible universe. Particular elements reflect and absorb light with a unique pattern, and it is this pattern that we use to figure out what elements make up a particular planet or gaseous cloud out in space. If an object or element absorbs or emits light from particular parts of the spectrum, we can use that to determine its makeup.

colour spectrum

If someone were able to read those absorption lines, I expect that the elements being represented make up a typical HDR-capable television! Because the Xbox One S supports HDR and UHD 4K Blu-Ray content, I expect that Sony at a minimum will move to support those things as well.

Sony will be livestreaming the PlayStation Meeting on their regular channels which include and Youtube. Who’s excited for another round of console hardware?

Source: Gameblog

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