Thousands of Amiga games added to Internet Archive

Amiga cover

One of the defining features of art is our need to preserve it, to make it accessible to future generations to enjoy and appreciate. Video games are no different, and the Internet Archive is aiding in the noble work of preserving thousands of arcade, DOS and Windows 3.1 titles in their vaults. They’ve now added another gaming icon to their virtual museum by hosting thousands of playable Amiga titles.

The available titles include King’s Quest II, Police Quest, Arkanoid, Double Dragon and Bubble Bobble. These are all playable for free right in your browser.

The Amiga was a family of PCs manufactured by Commodore. First released in the ’80s, they were popular in Europe for both gaming and, you know, actual computer-related work. If you have some free time, take a look around the archive and rediscover some classics.

Source: The Internet Archive

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