Latest Humble Bundle is survival themed


Survival games have really skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. Maybe it’s because gamers enjoy overcoming the virtual odds stacked against them, or maybe it’s because it makes for good let’s plays. Either way, the latest Humble Bundle encourages you to gather resources, craft, and get murdered by random players, all for the sake of charity.

Dubbed the “Humble Survive This Bundle”, the cheapest tier gets you Tharsis, Kholat and Savage Lands at any price. By paying more than the average you get Space Engineers, Shelter 2 and one of the kings of the survival genre, Rust. At the highest tier, paying more than $14 gets you Planetbase.

Proceeds of this bundle go to WaterAid, an organisation bringing clean water to impoverished regions, and Action Against Hunger, an organisation combating malnutrition and establishing self-sufficiency strategies.

Check out the Humble Survive This Bundle before it ends on August 23rd.

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