Pokémon Uranium taken down

And it is gone

Last week we reported on Pokémon Uranium, a fan-made Pokémon game nine years in the making. I mentioned that you should download it quickly, before Nintendo has it taken down. Hopefully you did, because the game’s no longer available to download – but it wasn’t lawyers from The Big N who prompted it.

The decision to remove the game came from the two developers themselves. In a statement on the official Pokemon Uranium website, co-creator Involuntary Twitch explains why he and his co-creator took their game offline.

It’s clear that the developers saw which way the wind was blowing, and took the unpleasant steps to put their own game on ice rather than get involved in potentially nasty legal shenanigans. In the comments section, they confirm that all online features of Uranium will continue to receive support, and the game will still receive patches and updates. Seeing as how this is the Internet, it’s likely there are still other places to download the game if you’re willing to hunt for them.

Source: Pokémon Uranium

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