Yes, you can finish Dishonored 2 without killing anybody

dishonored 2

But why would you? Actually, I finished the first game without killing anybody because there was an achievement for it. I mean, no, obviously because I absolutely abhor murder and gratuitous violence. But seriously, it was for the achievement. And when the credits rolled, I restarted the game, and wreaked bloody vengeance on the people of Dunwall for their crimes. What crimes? Getting in my way the first time. They totally had it coming.

dishonored clean hands

Talking with PlayStation Access at the recent QuakeCon expo, Dishonored 2 creative director Harvey Smith confirmed that you can peace out in the sequel too.

“Each mission is like a mini open-world, right? That’s what we like, we like to do the mission style so we can leave it behind and go to a totally new setting, but while you are in it, it’s very open and non-linear,” he explained. “You can play high-chaos or low-chaos, even as Corvo, you can invest in one set of powers or another set of powers. You can play very violently, or very stealthily. You can literally play without killing a single person.””

Obviously, that makes the game much harder. And you can make it even harder than that.

“Some subset of gamers felt [Dishonored] was too easy. They wanted a bigger challenge,” he added. “And so this time, if you play without killing a single person, or even alerting a single person, and you play with no powers mode, on the highest difficulty setting, it is quite a challenge. We don’t recommend that for everybody.”

Watch the whole interview below, which also includes some information about the game’s multiple endings, how magic works, and the importance of voice acting.

Game’s out on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on 11 November.

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