Intel hasn’t been very vocal about their new family of consumer processors expected to launch this year, codenamed Kaby Lake. The rumor mill has been chock-full of claims that there are hardware issues, or a process issue that’s causing the delay, and others are claiming that lower-than-expected Skylake sales have delayed the launch in order for stocks to be cleared. However, a report by Tom’s Hardware says that one of Intel’s partners, China-based motherboard manufacturer Colorful, is preparing to launch their motherboards based on the Z270 chipset in October this year – although this date isn’t confirmed yet, and Intel could still delay things more. All Skylake processors will work in these boards, so they’re functional out of the box, and all future Kaby Lake processors will also work on current Skylake motherboards, so enthusiasts are covered on both ends if stocks are not exactly great at launch.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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