I’m absolutely in love with From Software’s Souls series, with each game occupying a place of honour in my top ten list of greatest games ever made. But out of all the entries in the series, Dark Souls III is probably my favourite. Which is why the announcement of the game’s first DLC has me excited in [Ew. Gross. No, Tank. – Ed]

Anyway, the first bit of downloadable content for Dark Souls III is called Ashes of Ariandel, and it’ll be tactically rolling onto Steam, PS4, and Xbox One later this month. Announcement trailer and full details below.

Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel is the first of two DLCs planned for release within the coming months, and the details revealed by Namco Bandai and the official announcement trailer all seem to point towards another amazing, masochistic adventure. The official press blurb reads:

Return to the world of Dark Souls III and uncover a terrible secret that lies within the frozen land of Ariandel. Players will find themselves steeped in a brand new environment filled with terrifying new enemies, challenges, and exciting lore to expand the overarching Dark Souls III storyline.

Along with including all of those new things, Ashes of Ariandel will also include even more things like new weapons, magic, armour sets, and even a new PVP-focussed map and features.

The trailer really is something to behold. The new locale looks breathtaking, the new bosses and enemies look seriously intimidating, and the new magic and weapons seem quite devastating indeed.

Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel is coming to PS4, PC, and XBO on 25 October. You can pre-order it right now for R161, or grab it as part of the game’s season pass for R269.

Source: Bandai Namco Entertainment

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