So there might be a Duke Nukem 3D remake in the works

duke nukem 3D

What’s made out of meat, kicks ass, and is all out of bubblegum? Me. But also Duke Nukem. And the official Duke Nukem website is counting down to something with a “Happy 20th Anniversary” banner. On Saturday morning. At 2am. And I don’t mean my inevitable Friday night hangover, but that too.

According to a report over on Gameplanet, that’s the same time that Duke Nukem franchise custodian Gearbox Software is scheduled to host its talk panel at the PAX West expo, and according some guy on Reddit, the announcement is a Duke Nukem 3D “remix” called Duke Nukem 3D: World Tour. There’s even a bunch of alleged screenshots, but they, uh, don’t look very impressive.


Anyway, I guess we’ll find out this weekend. Does anybody actually want a Duke Nukem 3D remake, though? It wasn’t even that good the first time. That’s what she said.


Here be dragons