Frostpunk is a “deeply serious” dystopian steampunk survival game and I want it now


You had me at “dystopian”. And “steampunk”. And even “survival”, although that could mean all sorts of different things. In Frostpunk, it’s a focus on “empathy and decision-making rather than optimisation and resource management,” apparently, and now I’m definitely intrigued.

From This War of Mine developer 11 Bit Studios, Frostpunk is set in a winter world where society has collapsed, and steam-powered tech is the only thing between humanity and the otherwise inexorable cold. I’m probably not the only person thinking it’s Snowpiercer: The Game.

“This is a deeply serious game created for a mature gamer,” creative director Michal Drozdowski explains in the press stuff. “Looking back at This War of Mine, we’re pushing boundaries even further, but we’re not pointing at reality in the same fashion. We’re putting human nature under a microscope to ask about what happens when people need to stay alive.”

Oh, I know this one already. They eat people. But maybe in Frostpunk, they won’t. There’s not much to go on for the moment.

It’s out on PC in 2017, but in the meantime, here’s a creepy trailer featuring the ominously portentous words of 16th century English poet Thomas Campion.

Via Polygon.

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